We’re Back!



So we’ve been gone for awhile….. Like 2 years in fact. We don’t have any excuses, but we do have our reasons.


  1. Working 40 hours a week sucks and is tiring
  3. We did not have a proper plan for forward progress. With no plan, things can fall apart. 


Life and bills come at you fast, but now that we’re able to see that there is a problem we can take steps to fix it. We have a plan now, and we hope it will make waiting worth it.


Comic updates (sketches or script previews)

This is the most important part. I mean, how can one say they have or support a comic if there are no updates. So our plan going forward is to give you the actual comic updates you’re supporting us for (because that’s the literal point) but also to give you some behind the scenes as well. Along with our regular comic updates, we’ll also be giving you a few Patron only sneak peaks like early sketches of panels and script drafts. We’re also working on some extra content to share with you, like a Patron only stream and podcast.


Monthly updates on progress. 

Every month we’ll give a status update on how things are progressing. Whether everything is going the same, if burn out is settling in or if new and exciting events are in motion. It could be a simple post, or an audio released to let supporters know what we are planning. We will also be updating on the affiliate twitter so that not just patrons are aware of our status.


Avoiding burn out with planned hiatuses.

Burn out is inevitable. However, that doesn’t mean our supporters should be left in the dark. Planned hiatuses will happen, and they will be spoken of ahead of time unless there is an emergency.


Transparency with that your support is going toward. Community-minded change.

The reason this comic was started is because we felt a need to see more Black girls doing magical things. But representation is just one area where we can make a difference. Since the beginning we’ve wanted to use the money we make here to help others, by giving 10% of everything we make to other Patreons we wanted to show support to.


We want to update that. We still want to give money to others on Patreon whose work we admire, but we also want to give outside of Patreon as well.


Starting in July we’re going to be giving away 50% of the income that we make on Patreon. 25% will go to Patreons we want to support and the other 25% will be going to outside charities in perpetuity.


You all have contributed so much to us already, and with the money that you’ve given us we’ve been able to update equipment and software to make production easier, quicker, and more efficient. From the bottom of our hearts we appreciate all of it, and we are excited to be able to give you better and more consistent content as well as pay forward all that you’ve given us to others.


Hex School for Girls – https://hexschoolforgirls.com/

Patreon – https://www.patreon.com/hexschoolforgirls

Twitter – https://twitter.com/HexSchool

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/hexschoolforgirls/


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